BFG ES Series 800W PSU

July 16, 2008 | 08:11

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BFG ES Series 800W PSU

Manufactuer: BFG
UK Price (as Reviewed): £116.91 inc VAT
US Price (as Reviewed): $169.99 ex Tax


To say that BFG's power supplies have come long way since we looked at them this time last year is an understatement. Its new breed, launched a few months ago, has been co-designed with the help of industry expert JonnyGuru, of power supply review "fame".

Everything has changed: look, style, manufacturing facilities - and the ES Series from BFG represents the leading part of four new sub-brands; ES, MX, LS and GS.

The ES-800 is a non-modular unit, but while some of you might stop reading there, we implore you to continue to see if BFG has a product that can really live up to the might of industry behemoths. After all, Corsair (who are traditionally a memory company) now makes power supplies that are recommended everywhere.

Has BFG done the same? We found out.

BFG ES Series 800W PSU BFG ES Series 800W PSU

Straight out. things have got better - the box looks more updated and in league with the competition, and the power supply is covered in bubblewrap and held firmly between two large chunks of foam. The cables do come neatly packed, but after some frustration we gave up getting them back in again for the picture.

Box Contents

  • IEC mains lead (we daren't call it a kettle lead for fear of Phil popping a blood vessel!)
  • User Manual
  • Five black Velcro cable ties
These Velcro cable ties are an essential inclusion for keeping things tidy with a non-modular PSU. Not only that but BFG has gone to the effort of matching the colour of the cable braid so you don't see them, and because they're Velcro they're completely reusable! Win-win.

BFG ES Series 800W PSU BFG ES Series 800W PSU

From what we've seen so far BFG has got things right - no needless crap adding cost, just the essentials for protecting your purchase and keeping it tidy. Job done.
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