Zalman ZM-FG1000 FPSGUN Gaming Mouse

Written by Fred Hunt

February 27, 2008 | 07:22

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Zalman ZM-FG1000 FPSGUN Gaming Mouse

Manufacturer: Zalman
UK Price (as reviewed): £32.74 (inc. VAT)
US Price (as reviewed): $70.32 (exc. Tax)

Sometimes at bit-tech, we receive products we don't really expect to receive. For example; a company well known for producing Product Type A, might out of the blue send us Product Type B with its name on it too.

It seems that one of the temptations for large companies that have nailed one side of the market is to venture into the unknown and flail blindly at the other side of the market. Sometimes it works well, but more often than not it simply remains unnoticed.

Zalman has a reputation of doing exactly this. Zalman is a company that is most well known for Quiet PC cooling and cases, yet it regularly releases unrelated products; 5.1 headphones, USB soundcards and even monitors—all with varying success.

Next up for Zalman is the ZM-FG1000 FPSGUN gaming mouse. Shaped like a pistol grip with an extended "toe" housing the optical sensor, the mouse claims to improve your performance with FPS games.

Zalman ZM-FG1000 FPSGUN Gaming Mouse Zalman ZM-FG1000 FPSGUN Gaming Mouse
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Tools of the trade

The FG1000 mouse is well packaged and, for a limited time only, comes with a handy pouch to store it in.

On close examination the build quality of the mouse is good. There are Teflon pads to ensure minimal surface adhesion, a pattered hand rest to ensure maximum grip and good quality buttons guaranteed to five million clicks – though we'll have to trust Zalman on that claim.

The software provided with the FPSGUN allows for four of the buttons and the scroll wheel to be programmed with various actions and a number of different preset sensitivities to be created. The fifth button on the mouse—the one on the toe of the FPSGUN—is used to cycle between these presets. As you cycle through, the FG1000 will change the colour of the scroll wheel accordingly between Violet, Blue and Red so you can see immediately what sensitivity you have.

Zalman ZM-FG1000 FPSGUN Gaming Mouse Zalman ZM-FG1000 FPSGUN Gaming Mouse
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Unfortunately, you can’t select the sensitivity completely freely as you might be able to do on a Steel Series Ikari. Instead, you’re confined to limited options – violet can be 100 or 600DPI, blue can be 800, 1,000 or 1,200DPI and red is 1,400, 1,600 or 2,000 DPI. Allowing you to go up to 2,000 DPI, those amongst us who like a highly sensitive mouse with a huge screen won't be left wanting more. The polling rate is a respectable 1,000Hz which results in a pleasing 1ms response time and rids the mouse of input lag.

If you like bling, the gold plated USB connector might be right up your street too – though what exactly it brings to the table is beyond us as the mouse will be using a digital-to-digital signal.
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