How To Spend Your Christmas Cash 2007

Every year it’s the same situation. We spend weeks thinking up and hunting down the perfect presents for our loved ones, often paying through the nose in the process, only to find that by the time Christmas dinner is over we’ve not got any of the things we wanted. Socks from grandma and cardigans from co-workers – these things are definitely appreciated, but they weren’t exactly what we were honestly hoping for. We’d have preferred something with a bit more pizzazz.

Still, all is not lost – everyone has at least one comparatively rich and unimaginative uncle or aunt, don’t they? The type of person that can always be relied on to send you a cheque in a Christmas card and a box of Chocolates instead of knitting needles and funny hats. Those people are always our salvation – sending us a few bob to get ourselves what we’re really after. Of course, the rub is that by that point we’re always much too tired to even remember what we’d want to spend the dosh on.

Thankfully, bit-tech is here to help. As we established last year you’re most likely to have around £125 to spend when all your presents are left unwrapped – but how do you spend it? Let us answer that question for you with our little post-Christmas guide to the world of tech, games and gadgets. We'll start with some excellent games with which you can begin your new year!

The Witcher

How To Spend Your Christmas CashUK Price: £24.99 (inc. Delivery)
US Price: TBC

A great game for blotting out hangovers and family squabbles with, The Witcher is an epic action RPG which guarantees replay value and longevity by piling in wide open-areas, plenty of side quests and a delayed reward system which invites multiple play-throughs.

The game can be played in a number of ways and can be as accessible or hardcore as you want it to be, so there’s something for everyone here - though the RPG Fantasy setting will do a good job of discouraging your whiny little sister from having a go on it when you aren't looking. It’s also got plenty of sauce, sass and sex in it too – so it’ll satisfy all your Christmas desires while you watch Uncle George get all drunk and lecherous again.

At just under £25 in the UK, The Witcher is great value for money considering how many hours you’ll harvest out of it and it's immersive enough to keep you glued to the screen and away from Uncle George’s roaming hands for the duration of the holiday.

Super Mario Galaxy

How To Spend Your Christmas CashUK Price: £32.99 (inc. Delivery)
US Price: $46.99 (excl. Tax)

One of (if not) the best 3D platformers of the year, Super Mario Galaxy is a triumph of design in more than one way. On the rare occasion that you actually have a brother or sister you do want to spend time with, Galaxy is a perfect choice.

The Co-op itself is nothing to get excited over, but the singleplayer is just the type of thing which couples can enjoy, passing the Wiimote and Nunchuck back and forth in an effort to out-do each other. The levels, which are vast, beautiful and complex, can be played by all age groups with an equal level of challenge and there’s plenty of length in the game so you can keep going until the holiday is over.

If you’re one of those lucky fellows who got a Wii for Christmas, or if you know somebody who did and want to get them a late Christmas present for some extra brownie points, then Super Mario Galaxy is easily the best Wii title available.

Guitar Hero 3

How To Spend Your Christmas CashUK Price: £64.99 (inc. Delivery)
US Price:$169.00 (excl. Tax)

Who knows – maybe you get on with more than just a single member of your family. Maybe you’re one of those personable freaks who actually enjoys spending time with people, maybe you’re exactly the type of person who’d benefit from some Guitar Hero 3.

The bundled version which comes with a new wireless guitar is a perfect little party piece and buying now means you’ll be able to practice enough in time for the inevitable New Year party.

With an awesome array of songs and some new co-op and battle modes, Guitar Hero 3 is definitely worth picking up for anyone who wants to play at being a rock god but is tired of playing air guitar so much.
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