Tesoro Interview

April 25, 2016 | 12:13

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Tesoro Interview

Tesoro isn't a name that's graced these pages very often, although we did see a selection of its peripherals back in 2014. We also found out recently that the company is going through something of a rebrand. To find out more about this and the company in general, we spoke with Johan Borggren, Tesoro's new Vice President for Global Sales and Marketing.

Tesoro Interview

bit-tech: Hi Johan. Let's start with the obvious – please tell us Tesoro's history, and how it came to be where it is now?

Johan: Tesoro is still a rather young company that was started in 2011. The idea of creating products that makes gaming smooth and easy has always been on the agenda.

Over the last few years, we have launched several products with very good feedback from users and that is the drive for us to create even better products all the time. We want to be innovative and bring out new and creative solutions that make playing games a better experience.

Through the past few months we started with some tweaking of the brand and revamping our approach. Together with this we have also invested in new staff that will help us make this transition run smoothly. We realised that our strength lies in our products and therefore we want to focus more on the product itself and be honest with what we can deliver. We have collected tons of input from partners and end users to be able to improve and tune everything. This process will continue for the upcoming 3-6 months but I believe that, as a user of Tesoro products myself, you will be very impressed.

Tesoro Interview
Click to enlarge - Johan Borggren, Tesoro's VP Global Sales and Marketing

bit-tech: What sort of backgrounds do the people designing Tesoro products have?

Johan: We have a great team with different backgrounds. Most of the staff are so-called "casual" gamers with a passion for PC gaming. With abundant technical knowledge, we plan to move fast with accurate designing and developing of new products.

bit-tech: There are loads of peripherals manufacturers now. What, in your eyes, makes Tesoro unique or special among them?

Johan: I would say that the most interesting thing with Tesoro is the passion and knowledge of the gaming accessories industry combined with great development and production capacity.

Once again, we will move more into the direction where we will focus on the product and with the enormous knowledge we have within production and development, that will make a tremendous difference. It´s similar to cars. Just because you know how to drive doesn't mean that you know how to build a car. Our strengths will very often allow us to be first to market with innovative features and better equipped products. There are others that are also amazing with innovation, but to combine innovation with amazing prices that make it affordable for most people is truly unique. This is where we will also make a difference within the gaming accessories industry.

Tesoro Interview
bit-tech: What Tesoro specific innovations can you point to in the fields you work in?

Johan: Currently, we are under the process of launching an innovative product. This will be a low-profile mechanical keyboard. A few similar products exist, but with the switch and technology of this new device, it will be a leader amongst its peers. Of course, it will be a learning curve to get used to the product, but the benefit is the actual distance and time you need to press down a key that makes it so much better.

After getting one of the new keyboards on my desk, I have issues with going back to other mechanical keyboards. This year we are aiming for two to three big product launches where we will focus very much on new, innovative technology and I hope that people will be as excited as I am.
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