Dell S2209W 22" Full HD LCD Monitor

Written by Jeremy Laird

February 24, 2009 | 09:06

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Dell S2209W 22-inch full HD monitor

Manufacturer: Dell
UK Price (as reviewed): £149.99 (inc. VAT)
US Price (as reviewed): $209.00 (ex. Tax)

They say good things come in threes. Following the Viewsonic VX2260WM and Iiyama ProLite E2208HDS, we therefore have high hopes for Dell's S2209W, our third look at a 22-inch monitor with full 1080p HD capability.

Actually, our expectations are based on more than just arbitrary numerology. Dell may have lost the title of the world's number one maker of PCs to its ancient enemy HP. But it still offers one of the biggest and best range of monitors on the market.

In part that reflects Dell's sheer purchasing power. It not only allows it to snaffle up some of the best LCD panels on the cheap, but also build them into relatively swanky enclosures while keeping prices down.

Dell S2209W 22

Consequently, Dell has apparently become the monitor vendor of choice when solid but stylish screens are needed in bulk. Whether it's Heathrow Terminal 5 or Intel's funky research facilities in Seattle, wherever we go of late we seem to be surrounded by a sea of Dell flat panels.

Dell S2209W 22 Dell S2209W 22
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Having said that, the S2209W is more of a budget monitor for home users than a corporate workhorse. For starters, its 16:9 aspect ratio and 1,920 x 1,080 pixel resolution marks it out as a member of the new generation of full HD monitors pitched as perfect for video, games and general multimedia malarkey. It also sports an LCD panel based on twisted nematic (TN) technology, making it an unambiguously budget-orientated device.

Anyway, the low to middling end of 22-inch sector probably represents the best big screen bang for your buck currently available and this new Dell is likely to be a major player within it.
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