Sharp announces five-colour display

June 2, 2009 | 09:45

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If you're a photographer keen to get the most realistic colour possible out of your hardware, check out the latest screen to come from the R&D labs at Sharp.

According to an article over at The Register, Sharp has put the finishing touches to a new LCD panel which is capable of displaying a colour palette mixed from five primary colours – a significant upgrade from the more usual three.

The prototype – which measures a not-inconsiderable 60.5” diagonal and has a native resolution of 1920x1080 – adds cyan and yellow colour elements to the standard mixture of red, green, and blue. These additional colours allow the colour gamut to be extended to cover 99 percent of the Pointer colour space – meaning more accurate representation of real-world colours.

The effect is so striking that Sharp claims the images displayed on the screen are to all intents and purposes “identical in appearance to real-world objects” - aside from being two-dimensional, of course.

The extended colour gamut doesn't just make the pictures look more true to life, either: Sharp claims that the increased colour space offered by the new technology means that the back light can be dialled down a notch compared to more limited displays. A lower back light level means truer blacks – and a smaller energy consumption for the display, helping the environment as well as your tired eyes.

The technology, which is due to be demonstrated in prototype form at the Society for Information Display Conference next week, is sadly still at the prototype stage – but the company has declared its intention to continue development and release a commercial version as soon as possible.

Does the thought of a more realistic colour space fill you with joy, or are there larger problems with LCD display technologies that need fixing before the Sharp tech will come in to its own? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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