Xilence X1 gaming case

Written by Joe Martin

July 3, 2007 | 12:51

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Manufacturer: Xilence
UK Price (as reviewed): £45.00 (inc VAT)
US Price (as reviewed): $80.62 (ex. Tax)


We've seen cases of all types here at bit-tech, ranging from the bizzare, but thrifty to the downright bizzare and ridiculously elaborate. Media cases, desktop theatre cases, we've seen them all.

It's not often that a gaming PC case is worth us looking at however, as they tend to be either over-priced or totally useless, kitted out with un-needed features and pointless additions to what is essentially a steel box with a few holes in.

We were a bit sceptical then when we got our hands on the X1 gaming case from Xilence, but after giving the box a good once over, we decided 'what the hell' and thought we'd review it for you all anyway.

After-all, it may actually turn out to be quite good...

Xilence X1

The X1 is the new appalling named gaming case from Xilence. The fact that it's a gaming case is obvious straight away from the semi-futuristic design and the black and silver colour usage.

Xilence X1 gaming case Xilence X1 Gaming Case Xilence X1 gaming case Xilence X1 Gaming Case
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We had mixed reactions when the X1 originally came into the office and, while some of us thought the case didn't look 'that bad, maybe good even', others thought it was a rather ugly chassis which couldn't decide on whether to look all-black-chic or B-movie-prop-futuristic. The big red button and silver framing is probably the main culprit for the last thought.

Still, on paper at least the X1 has a few aesthetic features to make it stand out and which could theoretically compensate for the muddled design. 'Thermally designed' and with a hydraulic door on the front, the X1 may still be enough of a case to interest us and yet win our approval.

We'll leave the 'thermally designed' interior for now and focus more on the case's outside. Measuring 44 x 20 x 53.5 cm (H x W x D) and made out of a lightweight steel, the case isn't exactly massive and won't take up a huge amount of desk space. The front of the case is hidden behind a mesh screen which slides down on a hydraulic pump.

Xilence X1 gaming case Xilence X1 Gaming Case Xilence X1 gaming case Xilence X1 Gaming Case
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It's amazing that the case, which is otherwise bland and with plastic silver framing, finds room to squeeze in hydraulic pumps, but the stiffness and awkward nature of the hydraulic door ensures that the coolness factor of having a hydraulic door (surely more of a hatch, since it slides downwards) is vastly diminished.

The sliding panel itself isn't remarkably interesting either and the mesh which covers the hydraulic door, while possibly intending to look minimalist and cool, comes across as bland and cheap. The hydraulics also fight back against every attempt to open the hatch too, so that pushing it down to lock in place requires a fair bit of strength and makes a fair bit of noise as the mesh grates against the casing.
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