Xilence trademark taken on by be quiet! owner

August 16, 2013 | 08:19

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The Xilence trademark has been acquired by Listan GmbH, the company behind the be quiet! brand, and is to be reborn as a mainstream subsidiary to operate alongside the company's premium product range.

Founded in 2003, the Taipei-headquartered Xilence produces a range of cooling products alongside power supplies and cases. Under the terms of the new deal, however, its owners have given up the rights to the Xilence trademark to Listan - which plans to relaunch the brand as a more mass-market alternative to its own be quiet! products.

'The focus of Xilence is definitely on the volume market, said Listan chief executive, and apparent pun-fan, Oleg Ushkats of the deal. 'That is where we're going to offer cooling and power supply products with very compelling price-performance ratios.'

Under the terms of the agreement, Listan is to take over the brand and all its sales operations. It won't be doing so to the detriment of its existing be quiet! business, however: the plan is to found a new subsidiary company, Xilence GmbH, which will produce lower-cost products for those who find be quiet! a little costly.

The two brands operate in precisely the same space and target the same markets, but Listan claims it will work to keep their products lines strictly separated. The be quiet! brand will focus on premium markets, while Xilence will be used for lower-cost mainstream products. The company has claimed, however, that it will be upgrading Xilence's quality control programmes to match those used by be quiet!.

The new company is to be founded in Hildesheim, where it will share logistics with be quiet!. General managers Michael Albes and Andreas Groneberg have been appointed, and will be concentrating on targeting distributors to get Xilence's latest products to a wider audience.
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