Deepcool Gamer Storm New Ark 90 Review

Written by Antony Leather

July 16, 2018 | 10:00

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Despite three 140mm fans operating in the side panel, only two are involved with the pre-installed AIO cooler, which unsurprisingly sports a 280mm radiator as a result. The third sits next to a trio of drive bays that support either 2.5in SSD or 3.5in hard disks. While these slide out and appear at first to be tool-free; they actually require the removal of screws on the side of the drive cage, which seem a little unnecessary. 

The illuminated portions include the fans, front reservoir, pump section and PSU cover logo, with the lighting controller up top dishing out the same lighting effects to each area simultaneously. The interior is a fairly pleasant place to build a PC with a smattering of cable routing holes around the motherboard tray. To get at the drive bays, you'll need to remove the front fascia, which can be a little tough, but it's not like you'll be doing it every day.

Removing the rear panel reveals the carefully hidden radiator as well as other components of the cooling system. The fans use a single 4-pin PWM header for power while the pump also uses a fan-header. Thankfully, these cables are tidied away out of the box, but we can't help but think a fan hub would have been a better option here. The roof plays host to three 120mm fan mounts with space for a 360mm radiator, and if you remove the front drive cage there's a similar arrangement in the front, too. The block you can see on the left is the lighting controller, which connects to the components and appears to have been attached somewhere but was loose in our sample.

In addition to the three 2.5in/3.5in drive bays you also get a pair of 2.5in SSD mounts on the rear of the motherboard tray, so at least you can get at some of the storage options without having to wrench off your front panel. The graphics card can be mounted on its side as well as the usual face down thanks to a vertical mount at the rear of the case. However, while the original Genome case included the necessary PCIe riser cable, this is an optional extra here. 

The mount also made it difficult to install out test graphics card and anything wider than a reference cooler will likely require the mount's removal. We'd also be sceptical of just how much air our graphics card would be fed, too, given how close that lower slot would be to the side panel.

For a few minutes, any negative points surrounding the Gamer Storm New Ark 90 evaporated as we switched on the system and marveled at a fantastic-looking reservoir in the front panel and moody illumination up top, as well. It really does look every bit as good as the press photos, and you can see the odd bubble moving through the reservoir. Rather than look garish, the slim nature of the reservoir - in fact you might even just call it a tube - fits in well and is the stand-out feature rather than an eyesore.

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