DeepCool shows off anti-leak technology, new AIOs

June 4, 2019 | 19:55

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DeepCool has shown off new and upcoming all-in-one liquid-coolers featuring its patented anti-leak technology at Computex 2019.

It’s well known that leaks from water-cooling systems, be they all-in-one units or custom loops, can be catastrophic for PC users. While all-in-one liquid-coolers are typically designed to be sealed units, wear and tear over time can cause them to leak, potentially ruining entire systems. DeepCool is targetting this worry in its customers with its anti-leak technology, which it builds into the radiators of its premium all-in-one offerings. It’s essentially automated pressure regulation, the idea being that the repeated expansion and contraction within a non-regulated AIO cooler (which happens as a result of pressure changes from heating up and cooling down) is part of what can cause said leaks. DeepCool’s solution is a rubber-like bag with an external valve, allowing it to deflate as pressure builds and reinflate as it recedes. Since new AIO coolers were a big focus for DeepCool at Computex this year, it was also pushing the messaging behind this technology hard as well.

In terms of products, the Castle series of coolers will see upgrades. The Castle 360EX and Castle 240EX (above) will be available later this month priced at $160 and $120 respectively. The RGB-illuminated pump has a new dual-chamber design that’s patented and will allow DeepCool to skirt Asetek’s own patent and thus sell the coolers in the US. You can see the area of the radiator given over to the anti-leak technology in the photos above – it’s the bit sticking out at the bottom. The pump also features a replaceable central cap, and the non-RGB fans are new and improved as well.

This month should also see the release of four new Captain series AIOs. The Captain 360X will come in at $135 and the Captain 240X at $105, while new white versions of both of them will cost $5 more a pop. Again DeepCool is going with addressable RGB pump but non-RGB fans, and the glass pipe on the pump has now transitioned to a metal one. The same new and improved fans will also feature on these coolers as well.

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