BitFenix Colossus Review

Written by Harry Butler

September 14, 2010 | 07:25

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Bit-Fenix Colossus Review

Manufacturer: BitFenix
UK Price (as reviewed): £129.98 (inc VAT) pre-order
US Price (as reviewed): $169.99 (ex tax) MSRP

Considering PC components are often judged purely on brand by consumers, it’s rare that we see a genuine new contender enter the market. The risks are high and you need only look at examples like the Ikonik RA X10 to see how young companies can over-extend themselves. However, for every damp squib there has also been successes such as Gelid's Tranquillo or Titan's Fenrir, so we know new companies can be successes if their products are up to standard. With the case market dominated by the likes of Antec, Cooler Master and SilverStone, there’s room to bring in some fresh blood and BitFenix, with its striking Colossus chassis, looks to be a good candidate to do so.

The Colossus, as its name hints at, is a huge case, measuring a whopping 245mm x 582mm x 558mm (W x D x H). This puts it firmly in the super-size chassis market alongside the likes of the Cooler Master HAF X and SilverStone TJ07. The width of the Colossus in particular is much larger than a standard ATX case, and the PSU mounting in the rear of the case looks tiny in comparison.

BitFenix Colossus ReviewBitFenix Colossus Review
Click to enlarge.

While it might be a monster, the Colossus is arguably one of the most visually ambitious cases we’ve ever seen. This is thanks to the integrated LED lighting on the side panels and the large front door. The wavy slits of each side panel and the front fascia/door are backed by a transparent plastic sheet through which multiple LEDs shine to create a fantastic back-lit effect all around the case. The lighting is bright and can be fully controlled via the Colossus’ front panel, hidden inside a lockable hatch in the roof of the case. The lighting can be switched on or off, or set to a nifty fade up/down cycle. Even the colour of the LEDs can be switched from blue to red. The lighting is a fantastic and unique selling point, with the lighting effect far beyond the usual LED-lit fans - in a darkened room the Colossus looks undeniably awesome.

BitFenix Colossus ReviewBitFenix Colossus Review
The lighting looks fantastic in the dark. Click to enlarge.

The hatch that houses the lighting controls (dubbed S3 by BitFenix) is a great idea, and offers a couple of genuinely innovative touches. Alongside the case’s lighting controls there’s also a fan speed adjustment knob (allowing adjustment from 12V to 9V for up to five fans), as well as two USB 2 ports; there are also two USB 3 ports (with male connectors to plug into the rear I/O block of your motherboard), an eSATA port and the usual microphone and headphone jacks. So far, so normal, but ingeniously BitFenix has cut gaps into the fascia to allow you to connect your peripherals to the front panel and then hide away the cables.

BitFenix Colossus ReviewBitFenix Colossus Review
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The cable routeing runs right down the full length of the fascia, beneath the case’s door, and is a great inclusion for those who place their PC on the desk next to them. The S3 hatch is lockable via a keyhole beneath the door too, allowing it to double as a lockable cubbyhole.

The skeleton of the Colossus is made from steel, making it a very hefty beast, with the door and roof panels made from plastic. BitFenix has chosen to coat much of the exterior in a soft-touch finish that’s unlike any case we’ve seen before. The coating feels velvety, is very hard wearing and has the added benefit of not showing finger prints. Greasy snack eaters rejoice!


  • Dimensions (mm) 245 x 582 x 558 (W x D x H)
  • Material Steel, plastic
  • Colour White (also available in Black)
  • Front Panel Power and reset switches, 2 x USB 3, 2 x USB 2, stereo, mic, eSATA, five-channel fan controller, lighting controls
  • Drive Bays 5 x internal 5.25in drive bays, 7 x internal 3.5in drive bays.
  • Form factor(s)E-ATX, ATX, micro-ATX,
  • Cooling 230mm roof fan mount (fan supplied), 230mm front fan mount (fan supplied), 140mm rear fan mount (fan not included), 140 floor fan mount (fan not included)
  • CPU cooler clearance TBC
  • Graphics card dimensions supported TBC

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