On Our Desk - 16

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March 26, 2009 | 10:03

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On Our Desk - 16

There’s something special about this instalment of the On Our Desk round-up, which Joe has taken to referring to only as the ‘Gizmogathon 2000’ (Has Joe gone back to Y2k? - Ed.). Namely, this is the first Gizmogathon 2000 On Our Desk round-up that we’ve done since we’ve moved into the central offices for Dennis Publishing, our new owners.

What does that mean for the article itself? Not a lot really, other than the fact that it was mostly assembled by Mark Mackay – but we’ll take any filler we can get our grubby hands on when it comes to padding out this introduction.


Being in the London offices of Dennis Publishing now has meant that we’ve got a lot more toys to play with though, not just the usual collection of USB sticks and bean bags. We’ve got loads of sparkly new toys instead of the old rubbish – Joe even bought himself an iPod Touch that he’s used to review a small Rogue-like game, called Rogue Touch.

On Our Desk - 16

Delving into that larger, shinier and much more expensive hoard of gadgety goodness, we’ve pulled out a selection of other trinkets to take a look at too. We’ve got a pair of high-end headphones for example, the 9050 ACs which are available exclusively through Teufel and the more widely available Medusa NX gaming headset from Speed Link.

We’ve got peripherals too this time around – a new gaming mouse from Mionix called the Saiph 3200 and a customisable, collapsible keyboard from Steel Series. It’s the latest in its unconventional Z-board range, don’t-you-know!

Rounding out our desk litter this month is a portable digital TV viewer from Icy Box, the MP101. It has games and movie playback capabilities built in and is small enough to drop in your front pocket, though we’d suggest collapsing the aerial before you do so unless you fancy getting some odd looks on the street.

As usual though, if that isn’t enough for you or if there’s something specific you want us to take a look at in the future then let us know and we’ll get hold of it and let you know what we think. We’ll honestly look at almost anything when it comes to writing the Gizmogathon 2000, so drop your thoughts and suggestions in the forums!
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