The Three Evils by Greensabbath

Written by Nick Falzone

May 1, 2008 | 07:44

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by Brett Thomas

I'll be honest – of all of my deeply devoted modder friends, I initially had the least "future" hope for our resident Californian Nick Falzone, aka Greensabbath. Sangaku, as beautiful as it was, seemed like a one-hit wonder...even Nick thought so at first.

By the time that the Intel China trip rolled around last May, his next great work by the name of Yuugou was the background on my laptop. Working with him on publishing the log, it was clear that Nick was a cut above – and getting to know each other for another 24 hours solid back and forth on the plane ride helped cement a good friendship and a clear idea of his talent.

Over time, I've watched that talent progress into an art – computers featuring a synergistic blend of wood, metal and plexi that would make anyone be able to appreciate the concept of modding. Half furniture, half technology, Nick's made people who can't even understand why you would mod be able to say "Wow, that's... actually quite pretty!"

Fortunately, while Nick's been away in Europe studying in Florence (and visiting all of our friends in Sweden and the Netherlands, lucky stiffs!), he's not let that talent go to waste. And though his newest creation The Three Evils is self-admittedly not his magnum opus, it most certainly is a fun and attractive time-waster.

So, rather than continue to ramble myself, I'll hand the microphone over to Nick...

Introduction and Inspiration

After doing three Japanese inspired case mods in a row, one might expect one of two things – another one, or something completely different—and that is what this case is. Until this case, I had never really done any traditional modding of a pre-made case, I'd always designed and built my own. But thanks to Cooler Master for sending me one of its Cosmos 1000 cases (in Italy no less), I had that opportunity.

In short, this case was built for the ModShop Comic Con 2008 contest where we had to design and build a case inspired by a comic of graphic novel in a fairly short amount of time. There are a couple entrants on the bit-tech forums for this particular contest, including Scirocco's Way of the Warrior that was featured in April's Mod of the Month competition.

Luckily for me, I had a Cosmos on my desk that was just asking to be used for this mod – so I happily obliged and began designing. To find inspiration from the slew of comic books out there (most of which I do not read) I turned to my other hobby, music, and found the inspiration that I needed in a graphic novel from one of my favourite bands (Coheed and Cambria).

The Three Evils by Greensabbath Introduction and Inspiration The Three Evils by Greensabbath Introduction and Inspiration The Three Evils by Greensabbath Introduction and Inspiration

Claudio Sanchez (the band's lead singer/guitarist) owns a comic book company called Evil Ink, which has produced many comics including the Amory Wars and Second Stage Turbine Blade, which conveniently turn into the inspiration for their music as well.


This would be a very fast project so everything, including the design needed to be done quickly. Luckily, Coheed and Cambria had plenty of art for me to extract ideas (and scary looking rotting dudes) from.

The Three Evils by Greensabbath Introduction and Inspiration The Three Evils by Greensabbath Introduction and Inspiration

For the side panels, which would be the main feature, I chose two of the scariest looking guys along with the main symbol of Coheed. Originally, the top and front would be covered with song lyrics but as you will see, I had to change that a bit.
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