Mod of the Year 2011 Winners

Written by Antony Leather

January 4, 2012 | 16:01

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Mod of the Year 2011 Winners
That's it, it's all over! Mod of the Year 2011 is finally finished with over 4,000 votes having been cast and we can announce the winners. Before we get to that, we'd just like to thank our sponsors again who stumped up some fantastic prizes again this year - Aquatuning, Corsair, Dremel, Innergie, Lamptron, Intel, Mayhem's, Point of View, Specialtech, SilverStone and Zotac.

We've also picked 25 readers at random who will be receiving some 3M Di-Noc Carbon Fibre Sheets from Mnpctech - our Mod of the Month sponsor - if your name appears below, please check your emails!

Aidle Mohd, Alex Ruiz, Alexander Wurden, Benjamin Stienlet, Carlos Cadenas, Caroline Stewart, Chi Fai Tang, Chuck Prill, Colin Brown, Danelle Vivier, David Morrison, Devin Spratt, Katarína Murajdová, Kristoffer Löving, Nestor Lopez, Nguyen Dang Ha, Nicholas Indybird, Peter Brinkhuis, Pierre Pichot, Rob McCorkell, Sascha Humphrey, Simon Prendergast, Tanel Pern, Travis Blanton, Vuong Anh Quyen

Without further ado, here are the top 15 projects of 2011:

1st Place L3p D3sk - Silent Workstation by Peter Brands (l3p) (293 votes)

Mod of the Year 2011 Winners

2nd Place ROG Rampage by Ban Nguyen Dinh (nhenhophach) (273 votes)

Mod of the Year 2011 Winners
3rd Place TRON Lightcycle by Brian Carter (boddaker) (261 votes)

Mod of the Year 2011 Winners

The random nominee prize of a Lamptron FC Touch fan controller goes to Wayne Wilkinson (waynio)

4th Silverstone TJ11 Carbon by Richard Keirsgieter (keir) (250 votes)
5th Beta by Peter Husar (Gtek) (243 votes)
6th Phinix Nano Tower by Mike Krysztofiak (phinix) (240 votes)
7th White by Alain Simpels (alain-s) (217 votes)
8th Wii Unlimited Edition by Martin Nielsen (Angel OD) (212 votes)
9th Filtration by Nick Jones (skorchio) (186 votes)
10th Steam & Current by Tomasz Krawczyk (awadon) (175 votes)
11th SR-2 Stacker by Paul Edwards (coolmeister) (165 votes)
12th PC-Beto by Hans Peder Sahl (p0Pe) (163 votes)
13th Dreadnaught by Javier Fernandez (pinchillo) (158 votes)
14th USS Eurisko by Sander van der Velden (asphiax) (152 votes)
15th Stealthlow by Wayne Wilkinson (waynio) (150 votes)

Head over to the next page to see the prizes and if you missed the competition, you can take a another look here.

Congratulations to the winners and we look forward to seeing more great projects from you all in 2012.
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