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Written by Antony Leather

November 9, 2012 | 07:24

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Bit-tech Scratchbuild Index

Welcome to the Scratchbuild Index - bit-tech's own database of scratch-built PC modding projects. With the success of our Case Mod Index, which now sports nearly 100 case mods, today we're happy to announce that all you scratchbuild modders now have a similar resource at your disposal.

The Scratchbuild Index groups projects by motherboard size, case type and materials used so you can see just what other modders have come up with when they've turned their attention to mini-ITX PCs, cases made using acrylic or even desk or cube cases. As each project is unique in its own right, we've included a small image of what each project looks like, and also whether or not it's water-cooled.

There are 14 different categories to choose from, which we've chosen with help from feedback from our Case Mod Index (special thanks to Wayne Wilkinson and Jeremy Birch for their input). We felt the current selection is granular enough to deal with the main concerns anyone building a case from scratch will have - the materials to use, the size of the motherboard the case needs to house and shape and style of the case.

Bit-tech Scratchbuild Index

As with the Case Mod Index, we need your help to grow our database, so if you're project is complete with a project log in our forum, we'd love to immortalise it in the Scratchbuild Index. You can do this by emailing with 'Submit My project' in the subject line. We also need the following information:

  • Forum name
  • URL to your project log (which must be in bit-tech's project log forum)
  • Project name
  • Motherboard type (ATX / Mini-ITX / Micro-ATX / Other)
  • Case type (tower/cube/desk/HTPC/Other
  • Primary material (acrylic/metal/wood/composite/other)
  • Whether or not your PC is water-cooled
Bit-tech Scratchbuild IndexAs if immortalising your project wasn't enough, UK modding and water-cooling etailer Specialtech is sponsoring the database with a prize for one lucky entrant each each month.

We'll be announcing the winner in our regular Case Mod and Scratchbuild Index update, where we'll be showcasing the latest projects.

Use the drop-down menus at the top and bottom of the page to switch between different categories. We hope you find it useful. Be sure to drop us a line with your completed projects and we'll be back soon with our first update.
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