January 2013 Bit-tech Modding Update

Written by Antony Leather

January 17, 2013 | 07:59

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January 2013 Bit-tech Modding Update

With Mod of the Year 2012 behind us, it's time to look forward to a whole new year of modding. If you're keen on modding your case, how about taking a look at the bit-tech Case Mod Index? It's a database of over a 100 case mods, filtered by case manufacturer and model so you can see what's possible with a particular case.

Alternatively, if you're planning to build your own case, our Scatchbuild Index can show you projects that use a specific motherboard size or certain materials and also scratch-built tower or cube cases. Both indexes highlight projects that are water-cooled too so you can see what water-cooling gear other enthusiasts have managed to cram into their cases.

January 2013 Bit-tech Modding UpdateThey're a huge recourse ideas and inspiration and you can win prizes for submitting your own projects too. UK modding and watercooling etailer Specialtech is offering a Xigmatek Aeigir CPU cooler every month and we'll be shipping the prize worldwide so everyone can enter. Just submit your project below.

The winner for January is Editor22 who recently submitted two fantastic projects to the Scratchbuild Index.

If you're submitting a case mod (modified case), it must be complete with noticeable modifications (these can include spray paint/powder-coat or installed water-cooling hardware.) To submit your case mod you'll need to include the following information:

How to submit case mods
  • Your forum user name
  • Case (make and model)
  • URL to your project log (which must be in bit-tech's project log forum)
  • Project name
  • Is your PC water-cooled?

Scratchbuild submissions
  • Forum user name
  • Motherboard size - ATX, micro-ATX, mini ITX, other
  • Case type - tower/cube/desk/HTPC/other
  • Primary material - acrylic/metal/wood/composite/other or mixed
  • URL to your project log (which must be in bit-tech's project log forum)
  • Is your PC water-cooled? Y/N
Email your submissions to modding@bit-tech.net with 'Submit My Project' in the subject line.

Current Case Mod Index Stats:

Number of projects: 100
Most popular case manufacturer: Cooler Master (20) and Lian Li (20)
Most popular case: Silver Stone TJ-07 (7)

Back to the latest projects to be completed and we have some crackers again for you this month.

First up is Bright Panel 800D by Mr Armageddon. This Corsair Obsidian 800D case mod is a fantastic example of colour-coordination and how a few simple mods can transform the look of a case.

Project log: Here
January 2013 Bit-tech Modding Update
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January 2013 Bit-tech Modding Update
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January 2013 Bit-tech Modding Update
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Mr Armageddon's project log has loads of useful guides, especially for creating your own illuminated mid-section. Make sure you check it out.

Head over the page to see more eye-candy.
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