The Hummer PC

Written by Wil Harris

August 20, 2004 | 01:00

Tags: #airbrush #casemod #crystal-fontz #hummer #mini-atx #watercooled

Companies: #asus #corsair #mod #thermaltake

All of the parts are coming together nicely. Just have to test the RC parts to make sure they are still working.

The Hummer PC Airbrushing
Perfect, we have a motor and steering, so everything is okay.

The Hummer PC Airbrushing
I just wanted to put the body together again to make sure the power supply was going to be OK and to see if the lighting would work. Still a lot of fine tuning left to do.

The Hummer PC Airbrushing
Now that most of the body had been fitted, it was time to turn the work over to an air brush specialist to see if I could get some cool graphics going.

The Hummer PC Airbrushing
If only I could do this! Sometimes it's best to bring in a professional if you want the ultimate mod.

The Hummer PC Airbrushing
The design is starting to take shape, crazy work!

The Hummer PC Airbrushing
It is getting closer now! Here you can get an idea what it will look like.

The Hummer PC Airbrushing
All done... I still wish that I had been able to do this, it can be worth calling on the expertise of someone who can help you. Whilst you can't take the credit, you will learn something.

The Hummer PC Airbrushing
Just so you don't think that I was doing nothing while the painting was going on, here is a shot of the wireless keyboard I was tearing down.
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