66-Fan case mod unveiled

Written by Joe Martin

November 26, 2007 | 10:34

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Case mods come in all shapes and sizes - from the BlackMesa HL2 mod which we showcased and which currently resides at Valve HQ, to the six foot tall Supreme Commander Mod.

Not every case mod has to be as sophisticated as that though, and the new 66-Fan mod from Peter Edge proves that.

The 66-Fan case, titled 'casefancasefancase', houses an MSI MS-6540 motherboard, a 3GHz P4, a 40GB HDD and 512MB of DDR RAM - so it isn't exactly top end, but it's the exterior which is the interesting bit. The case has been entirely built out of working case fans.

"This was as much an art project as it was a case mod -- I intended it to be indicative of the work I do, the things I see and work with every day, and also put an interesting spin on a common concern in the hardcore PC user community." Says Peter on his homepage.

"Or you could say that is all a load of **** and I just thought it would be a cool thing to do."

So, the burning question on everyone mind has got to be whether the number of fans actually helps keep the system cool or not.

"The main difference between the casefancasefancase and any normal case is the system or mainboard temperature. After prolonged use it remains pretty constant at about 23-24 degrees Centigrade. The CPU temp is not as greatly affected, basically because I am using the standard fan/heatsink supplied with the CPU. If I was to shell out for something with big copper fins on it I'd probably notice a difference." Says Peter.

What do you reckon to the case in question? Got a bigger and better mod up your sleeve? Let us know in the forums.
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