The Hummer PC

Written by Wil Harris

August 20, 2004 | 01:00

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The Hummer PC Test run
Again with the aid of my great scientific CD covers, I am checking the heights with the body on. So far it's looking good.

The Hummer PC Test run
Time for a test run to see if all of the spacing that I have done has paid off. As well as noting any problems I will encounter, for example, I noticed that the keyboard and mouse might be a problem. It shouldn't be too bad because I am going wireless but the clearance will be pretty close.

The Hummer PC Test run
I made the angled tray that the motherboard will be mounted on. I think I will have to invest in a small brake if I keep doing these, as there is always metal to be bent.

The Hummer PC Test run
This shot from the side will give you a better idea of how I intend this to work. It gives me somewhere to mount the body as well as a place to mount the hard drive.

The Hummer PC Test run
This is how I plan to mount the suspension so that it will keep the height that it needs as well as allowing the suspension to travel. (When I am running the RC).

The Hummer PC Test run
I then put the tray on its new mounting point to see how everything will line up - and to check my measurements.

The Hummer PC Test run
This check is to see if the board will fit on the tray and to see if there will be any clearance problems with the wiring. I am also looking at where my power and IDE cables will come out.

The Hummer PC Test run
Here is where I will mount the hard drive. It is a 120 gig Seagate drive. It is just regular IDE - I had hoped for a SATA just to make the cabling easier but the board didn't support it. Oh well, no biggie!
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