Zeus Edition by Ronnie Hara

Written by Antony Leather

May 1, 2013 | 08:48

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Zeus Edition by Ronnie Hara

Project log: Here

Few cases have stood the test of time better than Cooler Master's Cosmos S. Its racy lines, sweeping curves and good size have meant that it's popular among a whole range of enthusiasts. It's modding and water-cooling friendly and while we've probably seen hundreds of Cosmos-based case mod projects since its release in 2008, we never get tired of them.

Of course for part of that reason we need to give credit to the modding community for coming up with fresh idea after fresh idea with acrylic, metal plating, epic paint jobs and water cooling all thrown into the mix. The latest Cosmos S project to catch our eye is Zeus Edition by Japan-based modder Ronnie Hara. Ronnie has been kind enough to talk to bit-tech about his latest project, and if you like water cooling, you're in for a treat. It's over to Ronnie...

My name is Ronnie Hara, and I'm 35 years old. I am Brazilian and I have lived in Japan for about 18 years. My first contact with case modding happened four years ago, when I tried to improve the look of my older brother’s computer, with only minor changes in the interior. I replaced some fans and organized the cables.

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Over time, I began to like case modding. Today I can say that case modding is my favourite hobby and a reason for many sleepless nights. I'm crazy about case modding! In all my projects, I carefully choose all the components I will use.

It all starts with a small idea and from there I try to find the best components for assembling what I consider perfect project. I always try to create harmony between colours, hardware and organization. I have the habit of visiting many stores in order to get pieces that I would use in my works. I always look for miscellaneous items, so I can innovate and add something new or different in each assembly.

For many hours I analyse the project, always looking to do my best and get a satisfactory result. Throughout these four years, I created some machines and in May 2011 I won the Rig of the Month at Guru3D site. Today I want to show my latest work finished just a while ago. In my project I used components from another case that I built.

Those who have seen my work should know that the color scheme used in the project below is not new. I think that first project was an inspiration for the next one and I will describe my work below.

My idea for this project was to do something that could really bring the image of a powerful machine like a supreme god. I chose Zeus, which for many is the god of gods, and in Greek mythology the god of sky and thunder. No one better than Zeus could represent the project I had in mind and that I would work on for the coming months.

From the name, I started looking for a cabinet that had a different style, where I could really innovate and create something that is hard to find anywhere. Then one day while visiting some used hardware stores here in Japan, I found a case from Cooler Master, model Cosmos S.

Besides liking many cases from Cooler Master (in particular the Cosmos series), using a case like this in my new project represented something special to me, since I won the aforementioned competition with the "brother" of the Cosmos S, the Cosmos Pure. I did not hesitate to buy this cabinet.

From there, I spent some weeks choosing which pattern of colours I would adopt since I was already pleased with the hardware and performance. Besides enjoying assembling computers, I'm a games lover too. Well, here are some details that I think are relevant to my Zeus project. I leave the configuration specs below along with list of materials I used.

  • Case: Cooler Master Cosmos S
  • MotherboardO: Asus p67 sabertooh
  • CPU: Core i7 2600K Sandy Bridge 4.6Ghz
  • RAM: Corsair Vengeance 1866MHz 8G
  • GPU: 2 x Palit GTx 580
  • HDD: WD Black 1 Tera
  • SSD: OCZ Agility 2 x 3 60GB
  • PSU: OCZ 1000W
  • EK CPU Block
  • EK GPU Block
  • EK Backplate for 2x Palit GTX 580
  • EK Radiator 360mm, 240 mm
  • Reservoir EK 100, 250 X2 Advanced
  • EK Fittings Extender
  • Bitspower Flowmeter
  • Bitspower Matte Black Multi-Link Adapter
  • Bitspower Crystal Link Tube
  • Alphacool VPP655 Bitspower Pump With Mod
  • MNPCTECH Overkill "Ring" 120mm Fan Grill
  • 7 x Corsair Fan SP 120
    Coolant Primochill Gold

Zeus Edition by Ronnie Hara Zeus Edition by Ronnie Hara
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With the materials chosen, it was time to start working on the project. As I mentioned before, part of the materials used in this project are for customizing cars. As for the colour, I chose a golden colour from a spray paint used to paint car rims. The sticker colours were chosen to be the closest match to the spray paint. The fans were also chosen from Corsair’s SP line because there was the possibility to customize their edges, which is something different than what we normally see.
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