Design bit-tech's new site skin competition

Written by Antony Leather

July 31, 2015 | 11:50

Tags: #hardware #web-design #website

Companies: #bit-tech

We're constantly tweaking our website behind the scenes and have plenty planned for the next few months too. However, as our community are the ones that browse our website, we want you're input into the look of our next site skin.

We want you to come up with your own design and this will be pitched against others to go before our readers in a community vote in our forum. We know our community is full of talented designers so we're keen to have a bit of fun and see what you can come up with. We're obviously keen to see hardware and gaming-themed designs.

The skins will be vying for a place on both bit-tech and bit-gamer websites - you can enter skins for both or just for one.

The key info:
  • The size of the template is 1,650 x 1,080 pixels and will appear on the website according to the template below for reference.
  • All images that are used need to be free from Copyright, royalties and all images that are used need to have their sources listed.
  • All fonts need to be freely available
  • At the end of the submission time, we'll put all the designs to a vote in our forum
  • Bit-tech reserves the right to choose from the top-voted skins if the winner isn't an appropriate design

Design bit-tech's new site skin competition We want you to design bit-tech's new site skin
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  • The deadline for submissions is 11:59pm on Sunday 16th August
  • Submissions can be screenshotted onto the site background
  • Winner will be required to provide the source files either .AI or .PSD
  • The winner accepts that bit-tech will own the rights to use the image as its default site skin without permission.
  • We may need to adapt the skin slightly in order to make it fit accordingly
  • Each person can supply one skin for bit-tech and/or one for bit-gamer

To enter, send your designs to
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