Silent Fibreglass PC by Keir Graham

Written by Antony Leather

January 18, 2010 | 09:05

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Silent Fibreglass PC by Keir Graham

Most of us complete our first mod when we're still at school. We may not even own our own PC but I remember cutting a fan blowhole in the roof of my parent's PC and was quite chuffed that the temperatures went down. Building your own PC is now quite common and if you've done that before you've left school then you should give yourself a pat on the back.

Building your own case and custom water-cooling system will always see you gain some serious street cred. However if you've pulled this off as a school project it's a mighty impressive feat considering most of use were only just building our own PCs at this stage.

Keir Graham, also known as riekmaharg2, has achieved just that, winning Mod of the Month in March last year and was also nominated for Mod of the Year.

He's designed his own fibreglass case that mimics the style and shape of the Playstation 3, and managed to fit a whole PC inside in addition to a large custom built radiator as part of the cooling system. If you like mods and scratch builds that get down and dirty you'll love this one. It's over to Keir.

Standing out from the crowd...

The inspiration of my project was my desire for a computer which not only was very quiet when operational but also I wanted it to look different from the average computer. My plan was to make a case that would definitely stand out amongst the crowd.

As I found in my experience of using air cooled systems the noise levels are generally much higher than that of water-cooled ones, so eventually I decided that if I was going to make a completely unique silent case I would have to use water-cooling with a custom made radiator.

The reason I came to this conclusion is that standard radiators are a very dull box shape and would therefore be very difficult to arrange one into anything other than a standard box shaped computer case. After a few failed attempts I finally ended up with this.

*Silent Fibreglass PC by Keir Graham Silent Fibreglass PC by Keir Graham*Silent Fibreglass PC by Keir Graham Silent Fibreglass PC by Keir Graham

Once I had the basic idea laid out I began drawing as many designs as I could think of, making sure each one had a space for a large custom built radiator. I gathered inspiration from various other existing products like computer cases, projectors, CD players and game consoles in order to further expand my range of ideas.

*Silent Fibreglass PC by Keir Graham Silent Fibreglass PC by Keir Graham

Once I had 12 decent designs I began crossing them off one by one based on their visual appearance and suitability for actually housing the components. Eventually after much consideration I settled on my final design.
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