Revoltec Fightmouse

Written by Joe Martin

May 27, 2007 | 16:56

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Revoltec Fightmouse:

Price (as reviewed): £27.00 (inc VAT)

The Revoltec Fightmouse is one in a long line of mice that claims it can improve gaming prowess, improving the frag rate of even the lowliest n00b. It's usually a bit of a foolish boast and all but the best mice are produced to a high enough quality that they do anything than feel cheap in your hand.

We've seen all the different types of awful mice, breakable or poorly positioned buttons are usually the worst culprit, but we always test out the new ones anyway. There's always the sneaking suspicion you see that maybe, just maybe, the next mouse might deliver on its promise and sneak in under the radar, thoroughly trouncing the likes of the Logitech G5 and the Razer DeathAdder.

Will the Revoltec Fightmouse be that mouse? Let's find out.

Need a hand?

The Revoltec Fightmouse certainly looked the part when we tore open the packaging it arrived in, like the tech hungry geeks we are. It had all the decoration that we've come to expect from cheaper gaming mice; the 'tribal' emblems, the carbon fibre effect and the overzealous use of motion blur all adorned the box as if in direct contrast to the sleek packaging of Razer mice.

After ripping the box open we got our hands on the actual mouse...

Because the Fightmouse is intended to go alongside the Revoltec Fightboard it sports the same fake carbon fibre finish as that keyboard. The problem is, while it didn't look too bad on the Fightboard, it looks a lot uglier when blanketing the palm and buttons of the Fightmouse. Of course, a lot of the time it'll be hidden beneath your palm, but even then it somehow feels tacky and cheap.

Revoltec Fightmouse Revoltec Fightmouse
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The shape of the mouse is no better. The Fightmouse was obviously designed for a right-handed gamer, the placement of the extra thumb buttons proves that much, but for some reason the form of the mouse doesn't seem to fit comfortably in the right hand.

Closer inspection revealed why; whereas most gaming mice which are ergonomically shaped – and I use the DeathAdder as an example again because it happens to be on my desk at the moment – curve the shape of the mouth subtly into the thumb, the Fightmouse does not. Instead, the shape of its bulk seems to curve away from the thumb so that it always feels a little twisted in the palm of your hand.

Put your arm, from palm to elbow, on a flat surface. Now, keeping your fingers straight and your palm flat, try and twist your arm into an 's' shape. Don't hurt yourself, just try and conjure an almost permanent sense of discomfort.

Revoltec Fightmouse Revoltec Fightmouse
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That's what the Fightmouse feels like to hold. Not truly bad, just kind of uncomfortable all the time. It gets better if you have very large hands or if you move your hand further forward to try and grip the whole mouse at once, but it didn't comfortably fit with the way I naturally hold a mouse. Revoltec tells us the mouse is designed for 'whole hand contact', so if that describes your gaming grip then you may find the Fightmouse a bit easier to wield, but from our use that wasn't the case.

Fortunately it picks up a bit after that. During the meetings in which the R&D execs came up with the design plan for the Fightmouse the phrase "cheaper version of the G5" must have come up, because feature wise that's exactly what the Fightmouse offers, which is a good thing.
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