Wolfking Warrior XXtreme

Written by Joe Martin

January 24, 2008 | 07:58

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Wolfking Warrior XXtreme

Manufacturer: Wolfking
UK Price (as reviewed): TBC
US Price (as reviewed): $67.99 (ex. Tax)

This may look familiar at first, but please, look closer. We’ve looked at the Wolfking Warrior before and while this may look similar, it’s actually quite different.

Yeah – this is the Warrior’s big brother, the mean one that likes snowboarding, base jumping and casual violence. This is the one designed for the most demanding of gamers, the ones who don’t just game from nine ‘til five like we do at bit-tech, but the ones who game 24 hours a day.

This is the Wolfking Warrior XXtreme. It’s so very extreme and out there that isn’t just ‘Xtreme’, but ‘XXtreme’ – which is, like, twice as extreme as you might have expected, dude!

I suppose we’d better have a look at quickly, before it grabs a skateboard and busts a move on out of here, dawg.

Rowdy Dude!

Joking and teasing aside, the Wolfking Warrior XXtreme is an expanded version of the standard Warrior and builds outwards from the circular design of the original Wolfking Warrior into a double-circle or figure-eight shape.

Wolfking Warrior XXtreme Wolfking Warrior XXtreme
I'd like to thank my teenage hand model...

When we first looked at the original Warrior, we were initially sceptical of the design and figure that it, like so many other lame gaming pads, would turn out to be more of a hindrance that a help. In the end though we were proved wrong and the Warrior earned both our approval and a bit-tech recommended award.

With the release of the Warrior XXtreme though a lot of that previous review was repeated and, once more, the initial reaction was one of scepticism and gentle caution. Could the wider appeal and larger form factor of the XXtreme improve on the original design?

Wolfking Warrior XXtreme
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Whereas the original Warrior had been designed with FPS gamers firmly in mind and had sought to cluster together the most useful buttons into a more accessible format, the XXtreme marks an effort to appeal to RTS and RPG fans as well. Wolfking obviously hoped to achieve that wider appeal by including yet more buttons on a bigger board, mirroring the circular design used in the original Warrior.
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