Razer Copperhead Gaming Mouse

Written by Tim Smalley

October 28, 2005 | 15:09

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Razer Copperhead Gaming Mouse Introduction

Oh balls!

There are many parts of a computer that are crucial to the serious first-person fragger, but none more so than the mouse. The mouse is the essential binding interface between the gamer and virtual world, where the difference between life and death can be the twitch of a wrist. As many gamers out there will tell you, choosing the right mouse is as important as choosing the right shoes. If your shoes don't fit right, you'll end up with blisters and bad feet. The same could almost be said for the mouse you use for playing your favourite game - if it doesn't fit your needs, you'll be upset and your hands will feel awkward. As with shoes, we'd always recommend - try before you buy, where you can. Shape is an incredibly important part of a mouse.

Razer Copperhead Gaming Mouse Introduction Razer Copperhead Gaming Mouse Introduction
When I was at college, I found I'd never played Counter-Strike so much in my life. I started to become a hardcore player, since I'd played it from beta 1.2 on my blessed 56k modem. Friendly matches with my friends turned into competitive skirmishes, and it was then that I realised that my Microsoft Intellimouse ball mouse needed replacing.

The need for Razer sharp gaming:

I'd seen Razer's Boomslang mouse advertised, but at that time I was more than a little sceptical about how it was said to destroy everything else on the market when it came to gaming performance. Thankfully, one of my friends owned a Razer Boomslang mouse and I got to try it before I bought it. I have to say, it wasn't until I tried it that I was fully engulfed in the Razer experience - and I knew I just had to buy one.

Razer Copperhead Gaming Mouse Introduction Razer Copperhead Gaming Mouse Introduction
Since that fateful day many moons ago, I've tried many different mice from Razer, Microsoft, Logitech and several other companies in search of the perfect gaming mouse. I'd settled on the Razer Viper - it was everything that I wanted from a gaming mouse, with great accuracy and a great shape and feel.

Since the Viper, Razer have launched two new mice, namely the Diamondback and the Copperhead. I missed out on the former because I was so happy with the Viper, but I've been using the Copperhead for well over a month now to see how it ranks up compared to the Viper.
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