The PC Gaming Alliance Interview

Written by Ben Hardwidge

January 20, 2011 | 15:28

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So What Has the PCGA Ever Done For Us?

BT: Can you give some solid examples of action and work that the PCGA has done on behalf of PC gaming, and what were the results? Or, to quote Monty Python, what has the PCGA ever done for us?

Ployhar: That's a great question actually. The PCGA really started with creating what I’d call a better foundation of data to drive awareness of PC gaming that didn’t exist beforehand, and likely wouldn’t have if the PCGA hadn’t stepped up to the plate. This is actually more critical than it may appear at first glance. The PCGA recognised that it’s more difficult to exhibit thought leadership unless you have something to back it up.

*The PC Gaming Alliance Interview So What Has the PCGA Ever Done For Us?
So, apart from the Horizon's Reports and challenging FUD about PC gaming, what has the PCGA ever really done for us?

One of these cornerstones is based on one of our core deliverables, which is the Horizon's Reports that we currently offer our members. This really gives us a stronger leg to stand on, and the ability to speak with some semblance of authority when it comes to shining the light on the ecosystem's FUD and propaganda I mentioned earlier. Having this data also helps us to recognise the trends and patterns that guide our next steps.

One side result has been the fact that several key analysts are actually being challenged to be more forthcoming or diligent in how they portray the PC gaming markets. My personal biggest pet peeve historically has been the misinformation simply surrounding the term 'consoles.' I can’t tell you how many times people misrepresent this market. Consoles are not a part of one big consortium that's ganging up against the PC.

*The PC Gaming Alliance Interview So What Has the PCGA Ever Done For Us?
Consoles aren't a part of one big consortium that's ganging up against the PC, says Ployar.

All of these are distinct gaming platforms, and should all be viewed individually side by side competing with each other. Only then do you really start seeing the beauty and opportunity that PC gaming brings to the table. Secondly, the other big deliverable has been the anti-piracy whitepaper we’ve been fine tuning over the past year, which is available to members. There's some very fascinating work going on there. In both of these examples you’ll start seeing us hopefully share more details publicly. Lastly; given my new role, I’m more excited about what we’re going to do next!
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