Asus Transformer Trio Preview

Written by Edward Chester

June 3, 2013 | 17:11

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Asus has upped the innovation anti with the latest addition to its Transformer tablet range, the Asus Transformer Trio.

The new model, like Transformers before it, consists of an Android tablet with a battery-life-extending keyboard dock but this time also adds full Windows 8 laptop and PC capabilities into the mix too.

The way this works is that a full ultrabook spec laptop/PC is incorporated into the keyboard dock, and as such you can plug in a monitor, keyboard and mouse and use it as a normal PC. Alternatively you can plug the tablet in and choose between continuing to run Windows 8 or booting to Android.

Asus claims a near instnat switch between the two modes and from the demonstration we saw this was a fair indication: with the tap of a button the device switched from one OS to another within a couple of seconds. We're yet to determine what information is carried between the two systems though.

Asus Transformer Trio Preview

The Trio marks the first time we've seen such a hybrid device, with previous Transformers consisting of simply a keyboard and battery dock, and an Android tablet. This device, however can effectively be considered four devices in one. In Android mode the battery dock and tablet will last up to 15 hours.

The tablet's 11.6in IPS screen sports a resolution of 1,920 x 1,200 while other specs include up to a 750GB hard drive for the dock and up to 64GB SSD for the tablet. As for the batteries, the tablet has a 19.5Wh unit and the laptop a 33Wh model.

Sadly 'hands on' opportunities were limited at the Asus press conference, with models holding up most of the new products but the from what we could see build quality seemed on par with previous Transformers, and the overall styling and slenderness was impressive.

We'll be back with more impressions soon.
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