Asus Transformer Infinity Preview

Written by Edward Chester

June 3, 2013 | 18:28

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Asus has unveiled the new Asus Transformer Infinity, an updated version of its flagship hybrid Android tablet/laptop, and this time it sports a 2,560 x 1,600 pixel display.

This resolution marks a significant upgrade over the, still impressive, Full HD panel of last year's Transformer Infinity and takes the 11.6in range into so called Retina territory where pixels are simply too small to be visible.

Asus Transformer Infinity Preview

Like the new Asus Zenbook Infinity, the Transformer Infinity is a beautiful looking device, finished in black, anodised aluminium. The tablet section docks into a keyboard section that also incorporates a trackpad and a battery that, if like prevous

As with several of the other Asus products launched at the companies press conference at Computex 2013, we weren't able to get hands on with the device before having to rush off to other meetings, and as such can't comment on the true quality of the impressive sounding display, nor on the keyboard and touchpad experience. Based on previous Transformers we'd suggest all are likely to be very good, though we've always found the range's keyboards to be just a little cramped, so it'll be interesting to see whether Asus has improved things here.

Asus Transformer Infinity Preview

The keyboard isn't backlit, which is one way in which this is a step down from a similar looking premium 'proper' laptop.

We'll be back with more impressions as soon as we've had a bit more time with the device.
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