UK man sues over spam... and wins!

Written by Brett Thomas

December 28, 2005 | 16:48

Tags: #spam

Companies: #uk

The trend of great legal issues continues today.

In what could be an incredibly upsetting event for spammers worldwide, a UK Resident took a spam company to court and won. Nigel Roberts received a few pieces of unwanted e-mail in his inbox from Media Logistics UK, and decided to take the battle to small claims court.

According to Pocket-Lint:

“This case does provide a guideline when it comes to successfully claiming damages. It also shows that wherever they are, these companies can be held responsible for sending spam to anyone living in the British Isles”, he said.

"This may be a tiny victory but perhaps now spammers will begin to realise that people don't have to put up with their email inboxes being filled with unwanted junk".

The gauntlet has been thrown down, and spammers are now without an excuse that they 'didn't know'. This court case was the first to be successful, and is likely to spurn a good few more.

Drop your thoughts on the whole issue in our forum. But please, no spam... we'd hate to have to stick the lawyers on you.
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