Stan Lee signs up with Disney

Written by Joe Martin

June 8, 2007 | 11:21

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Stan Lee, the co-creator who is half-behind superhero teams such as X-men and The Fantastic Four, as well as the rapidly degenerating Spider-Man franchise, has signed a deal to work with Disney on yet more superhero characters.

Disney, it seems, has finally realised how much money is to be made in the superheroes market. The X-Men and Fantastic Four films have taken over £1.8bn since release, and films of Iron Man, Thor and Nick Fury are reportedly all in production.

But is Stan 'The Man' Lee running out of ideas? Not likely;

"I've got millions of them," Lee told the BBC. "I have file cabinets filled with ideas for movies and television shows and all sorts of things. I've been waiting to be associated with someone like Disney so I can start tearing into these things."

It'll be interesting to see how Stan, who also created the adult-oriented Stripperella superhero, works with Disney in the future though.

Stan has remained tightlipped about his new creations though, saying only that the characters are "in an active stage of development". It's known though that there are heroes under the names of Doubleman, El Lobo and Nightbird, with another 20 heroes in early development stages and another 40 waiting in the concept stage.

Is Stan just recycling old ideas? Is the world already bloated with samey superheroes and Disney Classics? Let us know what you think in the forums.
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