ThePirateBay files charges against media companies

Written by Phil Cogar

September 24, 2007 | 10:41

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The guys over in the MediaDefender office won't be too happy when they get to the office this morning, as they'll find out that ThePirateBay has filed charges against ten of its clients thanks to information that was contained within the 6,600 emails that were leaked last week.

ThePirateBay has filed charges against Twentieth Century Fox, Sweden AB, Emi Music Sweden AB, Universal Music Group Sweden AB, Universal Pictures Nordic AB, Paramount Home Entertainment (Sweden) AB, Atari Nordic AB, Activision Nordic Filial Till Activision (UK) Ltd, Ubisoft Sweden AB, Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Sweden) AB, and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Nordic AB for infrastructural sabotage, denial of service attacks, and hacking and spamming.

Some might say that these companies are on the end of a bit of revenge in the wake of TPB having its servers seized by Swedish police last summer. Sources pointed to pressure from inside the US for the primary reasons for the seizure.

Whether these charges will stick still remains the question of the hour. If database logs alone had proved that the companies had done what they are accused of then it would, in no doubt, be a closed case. As it stands though, the evidence in question was obtained illegally so everything could just fall flat. If the charges do stick then TPB will probably move forward and take this case to court.

Even if none of this pans out in the legal system, it does help serve an alternative purpose which could better all consumers: to help pave the way to cheaper, alternative methods for distributing media. The media attention this is getting could help usher in a new wave of digital distribution. The end result could be the big media companies joining ranks with torrent companies instead of fighting them tooth and nail. TPB even offered up that solution earlier this year when OscarTorrents was launched.

Does ThePirateBay have a legal leg to stand on in Sweden? Will all of this media attention bring some sense into the way the big media companies think? Leave your thoughts over in the forum.
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