Telewest TVDrive now available

Written by Chris Caines

February 28, 2006 | 20:47

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Telewest customers have long been awaiting something similar to the excellent Sky+ service, however whilst the rumours have been rife as to what they will be getting and when, either way it's been a long time coming. That wait however is finally over with today's launch of the Telewest TVDrive and interestingly enough not to much fanfare if their lack of TV slots and mailshots is to be taken at face value.

So is this a Sky+ Killer? Obviously Telewest need to pull something out of the bag if they want to win over their impatient existing customers and lure potential deserters to the new service. Whilst it sports a 160Gb Hard Disk like the Sky+ 160 offering; it contains not two, but three internal tuners, which gives you the option to record two programmes simultaneously and watch a third. Given the fights over the remote in our household, that's certainly a winner.

They also allow you immediate access to High Definition content if you have a requisite television or monitor, something which I believe is still teetering on the verge of a roll-out from Sky.

TVDrive's pricing has been something of a surprise as well, as it can be had for as little as £10 a month. The installation fee (£50) will be waived if you take the option of keeping your old box and having it relocated elsewhere for an additional £5 month.

Either way, as of today you can phone up (or go online) and get your TVDrive installation date sorted now. Installs will begin nationwide on March 15th and as of the time of writing I was given a date of the 21st, so get your calls in sharpish as that's sure to get further and further away!

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