HD Game Recorder Launched

Written by Clive Webster

August 17, 2011 | 14:46

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Hauppauge has launched its HD PVR Gaming Edition box at GamesCom 2011 – the small black and green box allows you record video in HD quality from any source, so you can record your gaming sessions for analysis or uploading later.

The device will accept many inputs from PCs or consoles via the new ‘universal high definition component video cable set’ and video passthrough technology, and has ‘software which allows game play to be recorded in HD and then uploaded to YouTube’.

The HD PVR is said to include a ‘high-quality high definition video encoder plus support for multi-channel digital audio. All recordings are done in H.264.’ The video is saved to a PC via USB.

The device is an evolution of the standard HD PVR, which doesn’t have the passthrough technology, meaning that there could be some video delay and that you had watch your game on your PC’s screen.

With the passthrough technology, you can play as normal (on a TV with a console, or on your PC), with the device saving the video on the PC in the background.

Update: the HD PVR Gaming Edition will be on sale at the end of August, with a suggeted retail price of £199.

Are you so leet that the world needs to know, do you have some other way of recording gameplay video, or are you bemused by this offering? Let us know in the forum.

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