Tagan launches Quad-SLI power supply at 1.1KW

Written by Wil Harris

March 31, 2006 | 13:38

Tags: #pci-express #quad-sli #turbojet

Companies: #cebit #tagan

Tagan has unveiled its new Quad-SLI powering PSU, named the Turbojet.

To variations are available, coming in at 900W and 1100W. Bonkers!

The PSU will feature dual transformers, which means better support for high current and greater stability.

The Turbojet will feature four PCI Express power connectors. At CeBit this year, NVIDIA demoed all its Quad systems with these Tagan supplies. Initially, the Tagans will only be available to system builders making the first run of Quad systems, but they will be available for end-users to buy in May.

The packaging will be a leather briefcase! However, seeing as the power supplies will come in at £150+, we'd expect some pretty plush packaging.

Tagan has a reputation for producing high-quality, stable power supplies, and this announcement seems to continue this trend.

Will you be investing in Quad-SLI? What about a 1.1KW PSU? Let us know what you think over in the forums.
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