Tagan joins Nvidia ESA initiative with new PSUs

November 27, 2007 | 16:33

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We took a first look at Nvidia's Enthusiast System Architecture (ESA) earlier this month - it's a system where all the bits tell the motherboard how they're doing.

Graphics cards, CPUs, memory and even hard drives have been monitored before, but never really stuff like power supplies. Considering the PSU is the one thing that keeps it all alive, knowing if it's all hunky-dorey inside the steel box should certainly be worth noting. Yes, you can read overall voltages with a voltmeter, but what about temperatures, fan speeds or independent rails?

Tagan is claiming itself as the first power supply company to support Nvidia's ESA with its new BZ PSU range (The Gigabyte Odin GT we reviewed here pre-dates the Nvidia ESA spec and has its own proprietary monitoring system). It features:
  • new "PipeRock" modular cables that come with colour-coded backlit LED housing,
  • Four +12V rails with a "turbo" mode to combine them all into one,
  • Quad GPU support,
  • Gold-plated connectors,
  • 80+ efficiency,
  • Thermally controlled fan,
  • EMI reduction technology with extra ground wire to reduce noise,
  • Black anti-scratch painted chassis.
Tagan states that the PSU comes with two sensor chips which have a wireless technology built in that's compatible with the ESA architecture, so it can talk to ESA-enabled motherboards and other equipment without needing to take up another USB port. The sensor chips are placed under the both large heatsinks and are responsible for keeping an eye on the PSU voltages, temperatures, fan speeds etc.

Personally I still can't decide whether it will make a difference, but it remains to be seen how seamlessly ESA components integrate together. I like the LED backlit modular connectors - they do look pretty funky, but it's also yet another load of little lights to add to an already "all year Christmas" computer case.

So, is Tagan onto a winner? Let us know your thoughts in the forums
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