Toshiba launches 128GB flash chip

June 18, 2010 | 10:30

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While 2.5" SSDs might be getting all the press at the moment - what with improvements in reliability, devices using the new SATA 6Gb/s bus, and enhanced performance - Toshiba has been quietly updating its embedded flash memory chips for use in mobile devices, and has made a breakthrough: the first 128GB chip.

Based on a 32nm manufacturing process, the new chip manages to store an impressive 128GB - the largest embedded flash storage chip to hit the market thus far - by stacking sixteen layers of 8GB NAND flash memory. Amazingly, despite the density of the memory layers, the chip is a mere 1.5mm thick - meaning it shouldn't add any depth to devices that want to make use of increased storage capacity.

According to Electronista, Toshiba hasn't yet named any customers for its new storage chips - but the company is known for having a good relationship with Apple, with Toshiba's storage chips often finding their way into iPhones and iPods. With Apple's current top-end iPad maxing out at 64GB, it's not hard to imagine the Cupertino-based company putting in a sizable order with Toshiba in order to secure a drop-in chip to increase its storage sizes.

The new chips will be available to system builders some time in September, although mass production isn't expected until later in the year. Obviously, it's going to take companies a while to figure out how to integrate Toshiba's new chip into their product lines - although with the device being pin-compatible with the company's previous products, hopefully we'll see smartphones and tablets equipped with 128GB flash storage soon.

Are you impressed with the data density of Toshiba's latest offering, or are you concerned that the company has yet to announce any performance data? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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