Intel release TRIM for RAID

March 23, 2010 | 14:34

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The benefits of using TRIM with your SSD are well known, but RAID users have been left behind in the race for ever-faster data access – until now.

TRIM, which purges data from the SSD's cells upon deletion and can prevent the slowdown that many solid state drives experience after prolonged use, is generally considered to be the best thing to have happened to the devices for quite some time – but unfortunately for those looking for the ultimate in performance, it has never been available to those running SSDs in a RAID array.

Thankfully, Intel has solved the problem with the release of a TRIM-compatible driver which finally brings the technology to SSDs in RAID arrays.

Available over on Intel's website – via TechConnect Magazine – the new Rapid Storage Technology driver allows users of selected Intel motherboards to enjoy the benefits of RAID without losing the benefits of TRIM support.

There are caveats to the driver, of course: your operating system needs in-built TRIM support, and all drives in the array must be TRIM-compatible. You're also out of luck if you're running RAID 5, for some reason – although the home-use scenarios of RAID 0 or RAID 1 are well covered.

Now the ground has been broken by Intel, we can expect other chipset manufacturers – including rival AMD – to produce RAID-compatible TRIM drivers for their users, too.

Are you running SSDs in RAID and looking forward to the additional performance that this latest driver could promise, or are you shocked that anyone could think that two or more SSDs in RAID represent value for money in an everyday-use scenario? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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