Scythe makes even bigger coolers

March 6, 2008 | 11:34

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Not content with making the biggest in everything, Scythe has to make something even bigger – we may have seen the PR for the Orochi but until you see it and it’s optional 14cm in the flesh you can’t really appreciate how huge it really it. It has 10 copper heatpipes and the whole thing can passively cool up to a 100W CPU and with the additional truly silent 500RPM fan, it can cool anything, we were told.

That’s awesome, but what motherboards does this thing actually fit? Seeing it in action on a Gigabyte board it easily fits over the memory slots, but you have to make sure your case is wide enough to accommodate it. Since it essentially fills a large void – any case airflow is in effect, CPU heatsink airflow – whether it’s from side, front or rear case fans, or even the PSU fan.

When you think you’ve seen it all, the next case along has a concept heatsink with 20 heatpipes (10 in a “U” shape) and it was even bigger than the Orochi. We were told that this one could cool anything passively, and for the size – we’d expect so! While we never expect this to get to market it was certainly entertaining to see.

Scythe is also pondering about releasing its own chassis too. After working closely with some Germany case modders for consultancy, you might be able to buy Scythe cases in the future – at least you’ll know they be tested to fit the massive heatsinks!

Bigger, better, or just plain silly? Would you buy a Scythe case? Let us know your thoughts, in the forums.

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