Scythe closure reports greatly exaggerated

November 30, 2012 | 10:24

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Component and cooler maker Scythe has been reported to be closing down in what turns out to be a terrible case of bad phraseology on the part of its US arm.

Late yesterday, Scythe USA posted a message to its website which suggested the company was closing effective immediately. 'Scythe USA Inc. has been a supplier of Scythe products for the past several years. In November 2012, Scythe USA had to make a difficult decision to end its operations as a result of the closure of its parent company,' the message, attributed to chief executive Masahiro Sakai, reads. 'We greatly appreciate your business and support over the years.'

The use of the phrase 'parent company,' coupled with a lack of news from Scythe's other arms, led to a furore on fan sites with several claiming that Scythe as a whole is closing down. After all, Scythe USA's parent company is Scythe itself, isn't it?

Put simply: no, it isn't.

Reaching out to Scythe to get to the heart of the matter, we were told that it's business as usual for everyone outside the US. 'Due to a not really suitable phrasing by our US office, a huge misunderstanding and rumour is unfortunately spreading across the web. The Scythe US office is managed separately from the Scythe Group,' Scythe's Tilo Zimmermann explained this morning. 'As the mother company of the US office had to close and will undergo restructuring, the Scythe US office inevitably had to close its doors, too.

'Other Scythe offices around the world are not affected and will do business as usual. Until a new US office is established or a main distributor has been organised, the Taiwan office will take over Scythe US business activities,
' Zimmermann added.

For fans of the company's products, which in recent years have expanded to include cases, power supplies, speakers and even mobile accessories in addition to coolers, the news will come as a relief.
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