Seasonic extends Prime PSU warranties to 12 years

March 3, 2017 | 12:00

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Seasonic has announced that it is to extend the warranty on the Prime series power supply family to 12 years, from the current 10, with immediate effect.

Covering all Seasonic Prime power supplies already in the market, as well as any sold from this day forward, the two-year extension brings Seasonic's warranties up to the very top of the table, and the company claims it's all about their longevity. 'Even as CPU speed, system components evolve, we still see many of our customers holding on to the most basic and important of their components, the power supply,' the company claimed in its statement to press. 'We have end users reporting to us that their 10 years old Seasonic power supply is still running strong and we are so happy to hear this because this affirms that we have done what we set out to do: provide a long term, cost effective, and environmentally sustainable solution to our customers.'

'We want to continue to do our best to keep the trust of our customers. We want them to know that when they buy a Seasonic power supply, they buy for the long term.'

The extension does not require customers to re-register their products nor to apply; instead, any warranty claims made with a proof of purchase covering a Seasonic Prime power supply purchased less than twelve years prior to the claim will be automatically approved, providing you're not claiming for something not covered by the warranty like repeatedly smashing the PSU with a hammer or submerging it in your fish tank, of course.

'This not only demonstrates the trust and belief in our own products but we also want to prove and show our appreciation to our customers for their support,' the company's statement continued. 'We have their backs as they can change all their other components but the Seasonic power supply will just keep on working and will be protected with an exceptionally strong factory warranty.'

The offer follows rival Corsair extending its own PSU warranties to 10 years on selected models early last year.
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