Seasonic launches new Prime Fanless PSUs

Written by Jennifer Allen

March 3, 2020 | 15:00

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Previously demonstrated at Computex last year, Seasonic has launched a new range of fanless PSUs as part of its Prime Fanless series. 

Included in the launch is a new 700W model - the Prime Fanless TX-700. It's a new high for the series which previously maxed out at 600W. The TX-700 offers full modular cabling, and Seasonic promises there's over 95 percent efficiency with 230 VAC input, micro-tolerance load regulation (MTLR), APFC and most common electrical protections. 

In terms of connectivity, the TX-700 has 2 8-pin EPS, 4 6+2 pin PCIe, along with 12 SATA power connectors. 

During the launch, Seasonic also announced new additions to the Prime Fanless PX line of 80 Plus Platinum certified PSUs with a 500 W and 450 W model. Expect roughly the same features as the TX-700 albeit with around 93 percent efficiency at 230 VAC. There are reductions too where it comes to connectors, with there only being 2 6+2 pin PCIe and 8 SATA connectors. That's somewhat understandable given the lower power involved here.

In all cases, the PSUs look to have a lot of ventilation which is certainly going to be required if you plan on running it for extended sessions. They look pretty good too. 

Passively run PSUs might make some a little apprehensive but these units look to have all the right ideas and seem pretty promising. Also, Seasonic has a decent reputation for high reliability. Still, a hybrid fan mode based PSU could be a better bet for those who don't need absolute silence at all times and are fine with a quieter but not silent experience. After all, other components of your system may well make a noise, plus coil whine is always an issue with passive PSUs.

If these Seasonic PSUs appeal, however, they have a promising 12 year warranty. We're guessing it's so long because of the lack of movable parts - i.e. the fans - although other Seasonic units also feature similar warranty periods. 

Seasonic hasn't given any word yet on prices and we haven't been able to spot any pre-orders up just yet, but expect them to be available soon. For now, a few more details are available from the Seasonic site.

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