OCZ announces ZX series of PSUs

February 3, 2011 | 14:10

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OCZ might be leaving the memory market, but its commitment to the power supply business has been reaffirmed with the launch of a new top-end range of modular power supplies, dubbed the ZX series.

The new ZX PSUs have met the standards required for the 80 Plus Gold efficiency certification, with a claimed average power efficiency of 92 per cent under a typical load, and 89 per cent at full load.

Speaking about the new range, OCZ's PSU product manager Charlie McMenomy claimed that 'the new OCZ ZX Series delivers on all levels with exceptional performance and efficiency, as well as a sleek modular cable design that allows customers quick and easy configuration with just the cables they need.

'The fully modular design makes installation a breeze, and helps improve airflow in systems loaded up with high performance components.' He also pointed out that the new PSUs come 'with a large diameter ultra-quiet fan design, so consumers can focus on their games and applications without the distraction of fan noise.'

The company has confirmed that it will be launching three models initially, offering 850W, 1,000W or 1,250W of power. Each design features a single beefy +12V rail, which is rated at 104A on the 1,250W model, and they all support SLI and CrossFire configurations too. All the new PSUs also include a 140mm ball-bearing fan for quiet cooling, as well as the company's aforementioned modular cabling system.

OCZ has confirmed that the PSUs are launching soon, although no UK pricing has yet been announced.

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