Trust unveils GXT 177 'basic pro gaming mouse'

September 23, 2016 | 10:17

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The gaming division of Trust, a company known for budget-friendly computer peripherals, has announced the impending launch of what it oxymoronically calls a 'basic pro gaming mouse:' the Trust Gaming GXT 177.

Based on a laser-lit A9800 optical sensor system with a tracking speed of 150 inches per second (IPS) and a polling rate of 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, or 1,000Hz depending on mode, the Trust Gaming GXT 177 is said to offer adjustable resolution setting from 100 dots per inch (DPI) through to 14,400 DPI in steps of 100 DPI using a dedicated 'speed select' button on the mouse body. Onboard memory allows for storage of up to eight profiles, and also includes settings for the mouse's customisable RGB LED lighting system - adjustable, as is typically the case, through 16.8 million different colours.

The mouse includes a 180cm cable, weighs 101g, and measures 131mm x 71mm x 41mm. The design, interestingly for a mouse targeted at a pro-gaming audience, is fully ambidextrous with the eight buttons at least theoretically accessible to both right- and left-handers - though, in either case, accessing the buttons mounted on the side opposing the thumb may require the use of a claw-style grip.

The Trust GXT 177 is due to launch in the UK in October with a two-year warranty, though formal pricing has yet to be announced. More information is available from the company's official product page.
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