Razer launches Cynosa membrane keyboards

October 27, 2017 | 10:28

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Gaming peripherals giant Razer has announced the launch of the Cynosa Chroma keyboard family, which ditches the company's usual mechanical switches in favour of a membrane which allows it to resist spills - clumsy gamers apparently being the next growth market targeted by the company.

While membrane-based keyboards - also known as 'rubber dome' keyboards, for the shape the membrane takes underneath each key - are not typically thought of as high-end, Razer appears to be hoping that its take on the design will appeal to those who fancy a gaming keyboard but at a lower cost. Sold by the company as 'soft-cushioned keys', the primary benefit of the membrane - beyond being considerably cheaper to manufacture than individual mechanical switches - is that it effectively seals the electronics away from the outside world, making the keyboard resistant to spillages.

While the internals might be cheaper than Razer's usual fare, the company is still looking to tick the feature boxes with full Chroma per-key RGB light effects. 'Razer Chroma is a crucial technology for creating the most immersive gaming experience possible,' claims Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder and chief executive, of his company's technology. 'With the Razer Cynosa and Cynosa Pro keyboards, more gamers will have access to this experience. Cynosa is the most full-featured entry-level keyboard for gamers today.'

While both keyboards are full-size designs, the difference between the Cynosa and Cynosa Pro lies in the lighting system: The Chroma per-key lighting system is present on both models, but the Pro includes an additional 24-zone RGB lighting system underneath the keyboard - the first time a Razer keyboard has included such a feature. Naturally, both keyboards link in to Razer's software and allow for the lighting to be programatically controlled - fading to red as you take damage in a supported game, for example.

The Razer Cynosa Chrome is priced at £64.99 and the Cynosa Chroma Pro at £79.99, both including VAT, direct from the Razer web store.

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