343, id veteran Kenneth Scott joins Oculus VR

May 15, 2014 | 13:07

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Virtual reality specialist and Facebook subsidiary Oculur VR has hired another gaming veteran in the form of Kenneth Scott, formerly of 343 Industries and id Software, who becomes the company's art director.

Scott was previously the art director at 343 Industries, which took over the Halo franchise following Bungie's split from Microsoft, and prior to that worked for gaming giant id Software alongside John Carmack - who joined Oculus VR as chief technical officer back in August last year prior to the company's $2 billion acquisition by Facebook.

Neither Scott nor Oculus have detailed exactly what the art director will be doing at the company - beyond directing art, of course - except to say that he will be responsible for building the company's first-party content team. Currently, the majority of games and other applications developed for the Oculus Rift headset are made by third-party companies; clearly Oculus VR believes there's benefits to developing first-party content too, likely starting with the company's promised billion-strong MMO title detailed earlier this month.

343 Industries has not yet confirmed a successor to the role of art director.
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