Overclockers UK launches 8Pack Asteroid mITX gaming rig

March 24, 2016 | 13:02

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Overclockers UK has launched what it claims is the 'fastest mini-ITX gaming PC available on the market today,' in partnership with overclocker Ian '8Pack' Parry, but it brings with it an eye-watering price tag.

The 8Pack Asteroid comes as standard with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti graphics card, a Team Group Xtreem 8GB memory kit running at 3,866MHz, an Intel Core i7-6700K CPU, a 512GB Samsung 850 Evo SSD for the operating system and another 1TB 850 Evo for games installation, and a 1KW Superflower power supply, all housed inside a customised Parvum 8Pack Edition case with integrated reservoir linked to a custom hard-line liquid-cooling loop and a bundled Aquaero 5 fan controller. Those with money to spare can opt to upgrade to 16GB of slightly slower 3,733MHz memory and/or an Nvidia Titan X graphics card.

The components alone can't account for the 8Pack Asteroid's price, which like its namesake is out-of-this-world: £3,989.99. The extra cash, Overclockers UK has explained, goes on the attention to detail and bespoke extras you get from an 8Pack build: the hardware inside each system has been personally overclocked by Parry - hitting 1,450MHz or more on the GPU and over 4.7GHz on the CPU guaranteed - while a bundled flight case provides portability for the system and peripherals. Buyers also receive a labour-free five-year warranty period which includes Parry's mobile number for any issues or support queries that may transpire during the machine's ownership.

A tour of the high-priced gaming box is provided in the below video, while the machine is live to purchase on the Overclockers UK webshop from 1PM today.

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