OCZ buys PC Power & Cooling

Written by Brett Thomas

May 28, 2007 | 15:41

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OCZ Technology has been known for quite some time as a great RAM and PSU manufacturer. Those familiar with the company know that it is really one of "many hats," often branching out to other solutions - but RAM and PSUs are stil the company's core competency. That's why it's not really unbelievable that OCZ has bought PC Power & Cooling, a leading enthusiast PSU maker.

PC Power & Cooling isn't the biggest brand in the business, so I wouldn't even be surprised if you hadn't heard it. What they are is renowned for building some of the most reliable, best PSUs in the business - at quite a price. A 750W PSU (not modular) will run you $200 USD before shipping, and the usual dollar equals pound pricing strategy applies for those of you in the UK.

The acquisition should be a great fit for OCZ Technology, which has largely built more "mainstream" enthusiast PSUs. Though it's products almost always well-built and a great price, they're not usually known as being the best of the best - they're designed to be the best at a particular price bracket.

The addition of PC Power & Cooling should give the company some great advancements in its power regulation, while sharing some convenience tech (like modularity) with its acquisition. OCZ Technology intends to keep PC Power & Cooling's brand and product, turning it into the company's premium line. This could be some great news for the PCP&C brand, because it will now get OCZ's excellent marketing reach.

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