MSI details 6-series motherboard returns strategy

Written by Paul Goodhead

February 16, 2011 | 14:47

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Motherboard manufacturers were initially stunned by Intel’s now infamous chipset blunder, but MSI has now presented a comprehensive returns policy that even offers advance motherboard replacements to its customers.

This means that North Americas consumers who’ve bought an MSI motherboard can sign up on this page, and get their replacement board shipped to them before they've even returned their defective board.

MSI says it's made this offer to ‘limit downtime,’ which we’re sure will be a popular decision. After all, being stuck without a working PC for a week while you’re waiting for an RMA is extremely frustrating. Unfortunately, though, this generous offer currently only extends to customers in North America.

MSI is still working through its returns policy in Europe, but our sources tell us that we won’t see a similar advance replacements strategy on this side of the pond. This is apparently partly due to the fact that the distances involved are so much smaller here in Europe, so it's logistically possible to pickup and return a board within a couple of days.

MSI's returns system in the UK looks set to be enabled through a similar signup website, with MSI getting in touch with customers and organising a convenient pickup-time and date once they’ve registered. The boards will then be rushed back to MSI HQ, which will dispatch a replacement model the same day.

It’s likely that MSI's branches in other European countries will follow a similar strategy, although our sources were keen to stress that returns will be handled on a country-by-country basis. As a result, there may be some variation depending on where you live.

Are you an MSI customer looking to return a board? Do you think a logistical operation of this size will run smoothly? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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