HP Training Vid Hints at WebOS Netbooks

January 17, 2011 | 12:32

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It's something of an open secret that HP is planning to use the WebOS mobile platform it acquired with Palm to power future tablets. However, it also looks as though the company has more up its sleeve, including WebOS netbooks, tablets and smartphones.

It appears that the company is looking to get the most out of its Palm subsidiary by turning WebOS into a cross-device mobile platform, sharing apps and data between smartphones, netbooks and tablets.

The hints at HP's plans come courtesy of training materials published for retailers of WebOS devices, which were spotted by Palm watcher PreCentral.

A video shows a conversation between floating heads suggesting that 'If I could run WebOS on my phone and a slate and a netbook... and they all talked to each other and shared information. A friendly little product family... that connects you to the world in amazing new ways. I'm in. Let's go.'

Although none of this has been officially confirmed by HP, it looks pretty certain that the company has some We-OS-equipped netbooks in the works. We even have a rough timeframe, courtesy of the video's stylised silhouettes, who state the running order of the company's plans: 'Today, let's start with the phones. Tomorrow will come soon enough.'

Could a converged OS that enables apps and data to be shared across the entire mobile ecosystem be a winner, or is HP on a hiding to nothing with its WebOS aspirations? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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