Windows 8 tablets will support Flash

Written by Antony Leather

September 19, 2011 | 11:48

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Adobe has stated that it expects tablets and PCs running Microsoft's recently-unveiled Windows 8 operating system to support Flash 'just fine'.

On the Adobe Flash Platform Blog, the company revealed that the content supported by the new OS would include rich web based games and premium videos,' following Microsoft's earlier announcement that the Internet Explorer browser in the operating system's Metro interface wouldn't support plug-ins.

Microsoft said it had worked hard to make Metro rely as little as possible on older technologies. Instead it had concentrated on the latest version of web technology - HTML 5.

This is still the case, but Adobe has pointed out that you'll still be able to access Flash content if you go back the Windows desktop interface, rather than the flashy new Metro interface. As such, people using a standard computer to browse the Internet are unlikely to be affected, but viewing Flash content isn't going to be easy on tablets that take advantage of the Metro system.

Adobe says it hopes to get around this problem using its AIR platform, as it does with current tablets based on Android, iOS and the BlackBerry tablet OS. However, Apple's iPad, the best-selling tablet out there has still seen excellent sales without native Flash support.

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